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  • Horary: Horary astrology answers a particular question, such as “Is this job right for me?” or “Where is my lost wedding ring?”
  • Natal: Astrologers who look at a birth chart to give a general character analysis, personal growth, and so on.
  • Predictive: Astrologers who look at both a birth chart and suggest a road map for the period ahead.
  • Career: Advice when changing or starting a career.
  • Electional: Choosing the best moment for an event such as a wedding, or starting a new project.


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Katharina Zielinski DM Astrol, MAPAI
Katharina ZielinskiE: W:

Services in English and German

Face-to-face and online consultations

I am a German astrologer and writer. I hold diplomas in Natal and Mundane Astrology from the Mayo School of Astrology and have studied with STA for my Practitioners Level in Horary.

My areas of work include Natal, Synastry, Forecasting, Career & Vocation, Children's horoscopes, Family dynamics, Horary, Mundane. In special cases: Tarot

Most of all, I enjoy working on Synastry Charts (meaning relationship and love horoscopes), Children's horoscopes (because it can prove a tremendous advantage for a parent to get an idea of their child's personality structure very early on), and Horary. For my own amusement, I enjoy studying and deciphering historical events.

Location: Leipzig, Germany