Qualified astrologers

What does a “qualified astrologer” mean?

If you’re thinking of having a reading with a reputable astrologer, you’ve come to the right place! Astrologers have been helping people navigate their life for millennia – and in the West, astrology has blossomed in the 21st century. The problem is that, unlike a doctor or lawyer, anybody can claim to be an astrologer without any qualifications at all. This means that people can waste their money, and potentially get very distressed, by getting incorrect or bad guidance from an unqualified astrologer.

This is why the APAI was set up. There are a number of reputable astrology schools that teach astrology to a very high standard, and, just as importantly, ensure that their students are aware of ethical issues and how to deal with their clients sensitively. Most schools offer a “certificate” course and a “diploma” course – the latter involving many years of hard study. The APAI only accepts members after an extensive vetting process – either having gained a diploma from a reputable school, or having demonstrated many years’ experience in the field and subsequently been interviewed and by APAI Council members.