All of our astrologers sign up to our code of ethics, designed to protect you as a client. Unqualified astrologers will sometimes advertise their services and make outlandish claims, give advice that may be damaging or upsetting, and can betray a client’s trust. Our professional astrologers will never do this. Our code of ethics states that our astrologers must:

  • Agree with you beforehand what sort of service will be provided
  • Be transparent about charges, so you know what you will be paying, in advance
  • Respect your confidentiality and ensure all material relating to your reading remains confidential
  • To be honest with you, and to be honest about their own abilities
  • Not provide dogmatic advice about what you “should” do about a situation; your astrologer is there as your guide to make suggestions, not give black and white solutions
  • Not offer medical, legal, or financial advice on astrological grounds, unless the astrologer has appropriate qualifications in those specific areas

See our full code of ethics and legal terms for full details.