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  • Ghislaine Adams


    Tel: 01394 610104

    Dip.API(Switzerland), Dip.Psychosynthesis, UKCP reg, MAPAI.

    Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Specialisms: Astrological Counselling, Spiritual Growth, Ongoing Counselling/Therapeutic Work, Teaching in Astrological Psychology.


  • Marilyn Burnett

    Phone: 01903 774603 Mobile: 07814 516119


    Dip. APA., MAPAI. Angmering, West Sussex.

    Areas of work: Astrological Psychology: Personally written psychological make-up analyses (not computer generated). Huber-style Birth Charts. Consultations (Local or Skype). Astrological Psychology talks.



  • Mariella Cassar


    0208 650 3650

    Mariella Cassar D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., Jyotish Pandita, Jaimini Scholar, FAPAI
    Chart Interpretation; Chart Rectification; Forecasting; Vocational; Personal Relationships; Child horoscope; Vedic Astrology; Skype Consultations; Teaching. 
    Location: Beckenham, Kent
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 86503650 or +44 (0) 20 81336694

    I am a full time astrologer and teacher with an international client base. I obtained qualifications in Western Astrology and Astrological Counselling from the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS). I trained in Vedic Astrology with Pandit Sanjay Rath.  I was a  member of the FAS Council as well as a Tutor. I am currently mentoring a group of students in vedic astrology.  I offer in-depth astrological consultations over Skype using the client's natal chart together with current transits, progressions and planetary periods to help the client gain clarity and insight into their current situation. I have practiced yoga and meditation since my youth and follow a mystical path which is reflected in my transpersonal psychological approach to the chart.

    As I am trained in both the Western and the Vedic traditions of Astrology, I use both systems in my consultations, integrating a psychological approach based on the tropical zodiac with predictive vedic techniques based on the sidereal zodiac for greater accuracy and to gain insight into a client's major life challenges. Vedic astrology offers the scope of studying over 20 different charts for detailed analysis of one's karma in different aspects of life. The correct time of birth is essential for an accurate reading and I specialise in rectifying the time of birth when this is not obtained from a birth certificate.


  • Rod Chang


    Co-founder of the Academy of Astrology (AoA)


    Services in English and Mandarin

    Areas of work:

    Mundane astrology, relocation and Astro Mapping. Psychological Astrology. Consultations and Teaching.

  • Jan Coles


    07944 569073

    D.Psych.Astrol, MAPAI

    Chelmsford, Essex. - NOW MOVED TO SALFORD

    Areas of work: Character Analysis, Personal Relationships, Children's charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Ongoing work/Counselling.

  • Kate Czerny


    Tel: 01403 268069

    DMS, MCMI, LSA Dip, MAPAI   

    Reentrisk, 77 Pondtail Road, Horsham, West Sussex

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Vocational, Forecasting, Ongoing Work

  • Annette Dall'Oglio (Platts)



    Farnborough, Hampshire

  • Janet Dare


    Tel: 020 8546 7852

    B.A., Dip. Phyt., D.F.Astrol.S., MAPAI                                 

    18 Aragon Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5QE

    Areas of work: Personal Development, Personal Relationships,  Forecasting, Medical, Vocational, Esoteric, Telephone Consultations, Teaching, Lecturing

  • Rose Elliot

    Tel: 02380 612 838

    D.F.Astrol.S, Q.H.P., FAPAI, Old Rectory, Church Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 6BH

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Horary, Vocational, Lecturing, Psychological, Telephone Consultations, Media Work
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  • Lindsay Gladstone

    Mobile: 07491652229

    email: starquest365.242@talktalk.net

    M.A., D.F.Astrol.S., MAPAI Southwater, West Sussex.
    Areas of work: Character Analysis; Personal Relationships; Children's Charts; Forecasting; Vocational Guidance;
    Chart Rectification; 1-2-1 Consultations, Astrology Workshops; Lecturing.

  • Patricia Godden


    Tel: 07811 975 901

    Dip.White Eagle School of Astrology, FAPAI

  • Pam Gregory

    Email pam@thenextstep.uk.com

    Landline 01590-671072 Mobile 07708015687

    Dip.Astrol S, Highest Honours from the Noel Tyl Masters Course, MAPAI

    Lymington, Hampshire

    Psychological development, rectification, and career advice.

  • Pat Harris


    Tel: 01962 713 134

    PhD, M.Sc., D.F.Astrol.S., FAPAI, 1, Highfield, Twyford, Nr Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1QR

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Business, Character analysis, Children's charts, Electional, Forecasting, Horary, Vocational, Lecturing, Psychological, AstroGeography, Cassettes

  • Anthea Head


    01608 642025

    Dipl. White Eagle School of Astrology

    Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

    A spiritual approach to astrology with an interest in the path of the soul through this lifetime. Consultations include a consideration of the meaningfulness of current circumstances.  Also children’s charts, teaching.  One to one and telephone consultations.
  • Prudence Jones


    Tel/Fax: 01223 323 299

    M.A., A.I.L., FAPAI, Cambridge 

    Problem-solving, Business, Political, Character Analysis, Life Directions, Experiential Astrology, Talks & lectures

    Author of: Creative Astrology


  • Sharon Knight

    Tel: 01825 750733


    M.A., Q.H.P., FAPAI, APAI Chair,   Eastbourne
    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Business, Character analysis, Chidren's Charts, Electional, Forecasting, Lecturing, Medical (Herbalist), Horary, Vocational, Telephone consultations, Written work, Media work

  • Joyce Lambert



    M.A., Dip.astrol.c.Hons., Dip. LSA.  -  Maidenhead

    My approach is a blend of the more modern western astrological technique together with the more classical, traditional method.

  • Claire Manion


    07749 822495

    DMS Astrol. (Distinction), B.A. (Psychology)

    Birth charts, forecasts and relationships. Talks, astrology teaching, workshops, experiential astrology, astrology parties and  magazine horoscopes.

    Face to face in Norfolk and Skype readings .

  • Stephanie Norris


    M.A.(Hons), DPsychAstrol., FAPAI, near Cambridge

    Consultant and media astrologer. Wrote weekly and monthly star signs columns for Psychics Connect for 13 years.

    Forecasting, relationships, career/vocation, life direction/spiritual path, children’s charts, etc. Zoom/Skype/phone consultations, written reports/emails.

    Co-author The Door Unlocked, An Astrological Insight Into Initiation (with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki)

  • Victor Olliver


    Mobile: 07946 211547

    BA, DMS Astrol, MAPAI

    Editor of The Astrological Journal, Media Officer of the APAI, and UK Satellite for the Organization for Professional Astrology

    Based near Brighton, UK

    Consultant & media astrologer. Weekly star signs column in The Lady. All areas of work such as forecasting, character, relationships/synastry, horary, electional, life purpose(s), etc. Written reports, Skype/phone consultations, audio recording


  • Maureen Ravenhall


    Tel: 01491- 57- 8447

    D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., FAPAI,                           


    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Babies charts, Electional, Forecasting,Vocational, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological, Cassettes

  • Robyn Ray


    07734 101022

    ROBYN RAY - Sussex

    D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol, STA, FAPAI

    Areas of work: One to one Counselling plus Chart Consultations including Vocational, Relationships and Horary. Children’s and Babies Charts; Workshops and Interpretation groups. Reading the Ephemeris is included in a Beginner’s 6 week “Introduction to Astrology” course.

    Robyn uses her knowledge of both Modern and Traditional Astrology and specialises in Timing Events, both Past and Future.

    Telephone, Skype and Zoom Consultations available.

  • Jennie Scott

    Tel: 01730 266316

    Dip. White Eagle School of Astrology, MAPAI               APAI Secretary

    Quince Cottage, 26 Marden Way, Petersfield, Hampshire GU29 4PW

  • Debbie Sellwood


    Tel: 07940821338

    Dip. White Eagle School of Astrology, MAPAI . Alton, Hampshire

     Specialty: Astrology from an esoteric/spiritual perspective. I am also a Flower and Vibrational Essence practitioner. Diploma in Vibrational Medicine, ITEC. Advance practitioner - British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (www.bfvea.com). Author of ‘Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces' – A guide to choosing vibrational essences using Astrology.

  • Janey Stubbs


    Tel: 020 89402544

    D.F.Astrol.S., RMANM, MAPAI,72 Lichfield Gardens, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AP

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Esoteric, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological, Cassettes, Telephone Consultations, Written work

  • Paul Summerfield


    Tel: 01403 782131 Mob: 07957 658346

    Dip.astrol.c, MAPAI,
    Billingshurst, West Sussex

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Forecasting, Ongoing work

  • Liora Wallace


    07966 809482

    Dip. Astrology College


    Birth charts, relationship charts and career analysis and forecasts.

    Face to face consultations in Southsea area. Also telephone readings and written reports via post or email.