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  • Rona Ashley Rogers


    Mob: 0788 547 2721

    DMS Astrol, MAPAI    2 Bramley Court, Lincoln, LN6 7FD 

    Find Me on Facebook: Astrona

    Relationships, Teaching, Lecturing

  • Anne Carpenter


    Bolton BL1

    MA Archetypal Cosmology (Distinct.), BA (Hons.) Phil, PGD Edu, DFAstrolS, Dip Astro-Psychology, Lev 2 Cert Counselling Skills, MAPAI.

    Areas of work: Current Trends in relation to: Character/Personality, Family issues, Relationships, Talents/Skills, Psychological/Spiritual patterns. Consultations: Face-to-face, Telephone or Skype. 
  • Liz Hargreaves


    DMS Astrol (Distinction), MAPAI

    North of England 

    Area of work: Writer

    Liz has been published in the Astrological Journal, the bi-monthly publication of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, the Astrological Association E-Zine, In The Loop, and IAM Infinity Magazine.

    Liz has also been republished twice by Astrodienst on their website www.astro.com, one of the largest and most respected astrology portals.

    Liz’s published work for the Astrological Journal in 2017 included an in-depth astrological analysis of the US healthcare scheme, Obamacare, which was republished on astro.com, a 60th Anniversary astrological tribute to the BBC programme, The Sky at Night, an astro portrait of 17th century French King, Louis XIV, which was republished on astro.com in Autumn 2019, extensive research and analysis of the role astrology plays in the Fashion World, and her piece looking at the astrological indicators for Generation Z was published in the Autumn 2016 edition of the Astrological Association E-Zine, In The Loop. 

    Liz’s essay on Obamacare and her research into astrology and the Fashion World were mentioned in the best of 2017 category in a look back at the history of The Astrological Journal for the 50th Anniversary edition.

    Liz’s in-depth astrological profile of 18th century French Queen, Marie Antoinette, was published in the March/April 2018 edition of the Astrological Journal and republished in IAM Infinity Magazine issue 23 in 2019.

    Liz’s astrological analysis of the natal chart of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, founder of the Romantic Movement in England, and his poem, Kubla Khan, was published in issue 22, of IAM Infinity Magazine in 2019. Liz also gave an interview for this issue.

    You can contact Liz at annwnastrology@outlook.com



  • Gemma Harwood



    Gemma Harwood BSc DMS Astrol (Distinctions in Natal & Mundane work), MAPAI

    Skype: Vine Astrology (for long distance)

    Littleborough, East Lancashire

    Offering readings for: Interpersonal Relationships (romance, marriage, family, friends, colleagues), Annual Forecasting to prepare for 12 months of life in planetary transits, Understanding drives and subconscious urges of oneself and others through the charts, Choosing dates for your big events with Astrology, progression through self empowerment and healing with Astrology, Life Path reports and understanding and working through 'difficult phases’ with Astrology.

    Other work: Writing (articles and forecasts), Research (please get in touch for more information), Mundane & Natal Interpretation, Progressions, Lunar phases, Eclipses, Solar arcs and more.

  • Helen Lambert

    lambert.hallam@ ntlworld.com

    Tel: 0161 211 0995

    Helen Lambert, API, MAPAI,16 Saxon Ave, Manchester
    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Teaching, Rectification,Telephone Consultations

  • Lianne McCafferty


    07828 883494

    Lianne McCafferty

    D.M.S. Astrol, MAPAI

    Lianne holds the Mayo School of Astrology Diploma with Distinction in both Natal & Mundane Astrology.

    Based in the North East of England she works with a variety of Astrological techniques & offers various services including Natal Analysis & Forecasting, Relationship Synastry, Vocational or Sports-Focused Analysis, Karmic Analysis, Rectification & Elections.

    She is also available for lecturing, tutoring & writing/research for articles.