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  • Ruth Baker

    Tel: 01255 423 312

    DTAstrol. Q.H.P., MAPAI,

    26 Vicarage Gardens, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

  • Judith Beckman

    Tel: 020 8863 2114

    D.M.S.Astrol., R.C.Astrol., FAPAI, BHum (Hons)

    Harrow, Middlesex HA2 6BZ

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Electional, Forecasting, Teaching, Vocational, Ongoing work

  • Deike Begg


    Tel: 020 7228 3220 E-mail: beggdeike@aol.com

    D.F.Astrol.S., Dip.Psych.&Ed., UKCP reg., FAPAI,

    Battersea, London, SW11
    Areas of work: All fields of astrology: birthchart reading, forecasting, problem solving, children’s and baby’s charts, esoteric astrology, telephone consultations, taped readings by post. Also Psychosynthesis psychotherapy and Rebirthing

  • Mariella Cassar


    Tel: 020 8650 3650

    Mariella Cassar D.F.Astrol.S., R.C.Astrol., Jyotish Pandita, Jaimini Scholar, FAPAI
    Chart Interpretation; Chart Rectification; Forecasting; Vocational; Personal Relationships; Child horoscope; Vedic Astrology; Skype Consultations; Teaching. 
    Location: Beckenham, Kent


    I am a full time astrologer and teacher with an international client base. I obtained qualifications in Western Astrology and Astrological Counselling from the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS). I trained in Vedic Astrology with Pandit Sanjay Rath.  I was a  member of the FAS Council as well as a Tutor. I am currently mentoring a group of students in vedic astrology.  I offer in-depth astrological consultations over Skype using the client's natal chart together with current transits, progressions and planetary periods to help the client gain clarity and insight into their current situation. I have practiced yoga and meditation since my youth and follow a mystical path which is reflected in my transpersonal psychological approach to the chart.

    As I am trained in both the Western and the Vedic traditions of Astrology, I use both systems in my consultations, integrating a psychological approach based on the tropical zodiac with predictive vedic techniques based on the sidereal zodiac for greater accuracy and to gain insight into a client's major life challenges. Vedic astrology offers the scope of studying over 20 different charts for detailed analysis of one's karma in different aspects of life. The correct time of birth is essential for an accurate reading and I specialise in rectifying the time of birth when this is not obtained from a birth certificate.


  • Anita Chakraburtty


    07757 540436

    Location: London

    Qualifications: Diploma in Astrology, MSC Chem, Bachelor of Naturopathy

    Professional Membership: Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) National Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA)

    Areas of Work: Birth Chart interpretation. Character Analysis. Forecasting. Career & Vocational analysis. Romantic/Familial Relationships. Business and Joint Ventures. Electional Astrology. Mundane Astrology. Media Work.

    Location: Balham, SW London. Anita undertakes consults via telephone, Whatsapp Video, Zoom, JitsiMeet. Anita sees clients from all over the UK & globally.

    Website: https://www.multidimensionalhealing.co.uk/medieval-astrology

    Twitter: @AChakraburtty Instagram: AnitaChakraburtty

    Media: Here is a 5min video of Anita being interviewed by SW London TV. Anita explains how Medieval Astrology can help you and the different types of readings she offers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er2PgVeqEhM

    Anita Chakraburtty is a full-time London-based Medieval Astrologer, Registered Naturopath (i.e. qualified Herbalist & Nutritionist) and Shamanic Healer.

    In May 2008 Anita completed both her Modern Astrology and Numerology studies in Sydney, Australia with Dr Neil Hair (Principal of the Sydney School of Numerology).

    Then, after four years of study Anita gained her Diploma in Medieval Astrology via the ‘Astrological Guild of Educators’. Her lecturers were Joy Usher and Mari Garcia, who are International speakers, published authors and researchers.

    Since moving back home to London, Anita has been an active member of the Astrology Lodge of London, regularly attending meetings and keeping her Astrological knowledge up to date via their Programme of international guest speakers& workshops.

    Anita has also appeared on Wandsworth Radio and Riverside Radio, sharing her Astrological predictions with listeners, as well as her in depth knowledge as a Herbalist/Nutritionist.


  • Jonathon Clark


    07931 501526

    Diploma of Traditional Astrology

    North London

    Offering natal readings and forecasts including Kabbalistic perspective if required, horary astrology, Astro*Carto*Graphy. Monthly group in North London (email for details). Available for talks and workshops. Full details on www.jonathonclark.com

  • Cat Cox


    Tel: 020 7377 0563 E-mail: cat@starpractice.com

    MA, D.F.Astrol.S., FAPAI, Spitalfields, London E1

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character Analysis, Electional, Forecasting, Horary, Vocational, Mundane, Teaching, Telephone Consultations, Lecturing, Psychological, Media work.

  • Angelo Damiotti



    D.Psych. Astrol, MAPAI
    London SW16

    Areas of work:  Horoscope Analysis, Astrological Dream Analysis, Astro Coaching, Tarot, Life coaching. Analytic sessions can provide insights into yourself or a specific topic while coaching is a dialectic process involved in several sessions within a time frame to help you achieve a specific goal.

  • Ian Davis


    07905 588671

    D.Psych. Astrol, FAPAI, MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology
    104 Edgeley Road, Clapham, London SW4 6HB

    Areas of work:
    Personal relationships, Character Analysis, Vocational, ongoing work/counselling, psychological, teaching

  • Helen Fost


    07957 391507

    M.A. Oxon. D.F. Astrol.S, FAPAI, London NW3, Athens Greece and Skype

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Esoteric, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological, Telephone/Skype consultations, Media work.

    Specialities: psychotherapy, relationships, spiritual growth.

    Certificate in Time therapy, NLP, Life coaching, Hypnotherapy and shamanic healing

  • John Green



    D.Psych. Astrol, FAPAI,

    London E4

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Business, Character analysis, Children's Charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Ongoing work/Counselling, Teaching, Lecturing, Psychological, Written work undertaken, Media work

  • Mike Harding


    020 7923 2686

    D.F.Astrol.S., UKCP reg., Adv.Dip.Ext.Psych., FAPAI,
    24 Birchington Court, West End Lane, London NW6 4PB

  • Anne Kam


    +44 (0) 208 123 8138

    B Sc (Hons), D.Psych.Astrol. Dip.Counselling, FPC, MBACP, MAPAI

    London, England; Athens, Greece; Hongkong

    email, face-to-face, phone (Skype)

    Areas: Analysis, Electionals, Forecasting/Predictive, Horary, Relocation, On-going process work, Personal Development, Relationships/Synastry, Tutorials

    Languages: English and Cantonese

  • Katharina Lange


    Dip PsychAstrol. London & Germany

  • Antigony Langley


    Tel: 07767 228 917

    D.Psych.Astrol., Dip.astrol.c.Hons., MAPAI, UKCP reg.

    Forest Hill, London, SE23
    Areas of work: Character Analysis, Forecasting, Personal relationships, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological. Chinese Astrology

  • Mandi Lockley



    BA, Dip LSA, MAPAI

    Areas of work: character analysis; forecasting; vocational, life purpose and personal development; relationships; electional astrology. Psychological / humanistic approach. Talks, lectures and tutoring.

    Online consultations via Zoom/Skype/Teams as well by phone, or face-to-face in London. Sessions can be recorded.

  • Spiros Philippas



    Spiros Philippas, BSc, D.F. Astrol. S., MAPAI, Re-Vision Diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling


    London, Athens & Internationally (online)

    I am a London-based astrologer qualified with the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I offer astrology readings both from my practice in London and online through Skype or Zoom. I take a holistic approach to the way I look at the birth chart, honouring both its inherent psychological/spiritual potential and the external ways this is likely to manifest in your life.

    Ever since 2005, the year that I took my first steps to formally study astrology, I have been honoured to accompany my clients in their process of self-exploration and helping them navigate periods of transition, change and transformation.

    Alongside my astrology work, I am a BACP-registered qualified counsellor (https://www.spirosphilippascounselling.co.uk/) and I bring the qualities of confidentiality, empathy and unconditional positive regard into our sessions.

    Areas of Work – Natal & Birth Chart Readings, Character Analysis, Relationships, Career & Vocation, Astrological Forecasting, AstroCartoGraphy, Rectification, Electional Astrology, Teaching & Private Tuition. Specialities – Psychological Astrology, Astrological Counselling & Coaching


  • Lindsay Radermacher

    Tel: 020 8748 9088 Fax: 020 8563 1008

    M.A., D.F.Astrol.S Hon.R.C.Astrol., FAPAI, 43 Lillian Road, Barnes, London SW13 9JF

  • Melanie Reinhart



    B.A., D.F.Astrol.S., FAPAI

    BCM Starwalker, London WC1 3XX

    Visit her website for full details: www.melaniereinhart.com

    International work by phone or Skype.

  • Daliah Roth


    DFAstrolS, MAPAI

    Highgate London, NW5


    Character analysis, Forecasting, Vocational/Career, Personal relationships, Psychological, Ongoing work/Counselling, Spiritual guidance, Astrocartography, Teaching, Media work. Specialities: Spiritual growth, Personal relationships, Astrocartography

  • Carolina Sawney MSc., D Psych Astrol


    020 7837 6578 / 07731 539537

    Bloomsbury, central London


    The astrological birth chart describes the DNA of the personality. As such it’s a wonderful tool that shows motivations, talents, potentials, dilemmas, limits, weaknesses and their implications. The astrological session can to see all this in perspective to make choices, changes, express motivations more constructively or think about how to integrate all aspects in your life story. Astrology uses the rich language of universal symbols to decode the patterns or archetypes that describe your essences. The biography is related to the spirit of the times or the zeitgeist as it unfolds and the planetary cycles or cycles of time are a fascinating tool to offer insight into social, cultural, economic and political history. Find out more about talks, events, classes and articles on the website or call me to book a face to face or telephone consultation. Looking forward to talking to you!

  • Dr. Yubraj Sharma


    020 8459 2373

    MB.BS. MF.Hom. Dip.Ac. MSc (Chinese Medicine). D.Esoteric.Astro

    102 Chaplin Road, Willesden, London NW2 5PR

    Areas of work: astrology consultations are provided as part of my teaching clinic at the School of Esoteric Astrology. As well as natal and forecasting, the clinic provides esoteric astrology, astro-cartography and prenatal astrology. There is also a homeopathic, herbal and healing clinic.

  • Lisa Stockley


    Lisa Stockley D.F.Astrol.S, MAPAI



    London N8

    Areas of work: Natal and Forecasting, Character analysis, Vocational, Personal relationships, Children's Charts, Ongoing work/counselling, Teaching, Psychological, Spiritual guidance and personal growth.

  • Janey Stubbs


    Tel: 020 89402544

    D.F.Astrol.S., RMANM, MAPAI,

    72 Lichfield Gardens, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AP

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Esoteric, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological, Cassettes, Telephone Consultations, Written work
  • Eva Vibert


    Tel: 020 3489 4265

    D.Psych.Astrol., MAPAI,

    12 Plympton Street, London NW8 8AB 
    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological

  • Maxine Wan


    Tel: 01707 251092

    DF Astrol S, MAPAI