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  • If you contact anyone on this list please tell them that you did so through this Web site.

  • Anthoula Lioni, DMS Astrol (Distinction),

    e-mail: a.lioni@yahoo.com

    Website: www.astrologer-lioni.com


    Areas of work: In-depth Psychological/Natal, Relationships (Synastry), Predictive, Telephone Consultations, Media work

  • Milena Valkanova

    Email: milena@astroatelier.com

    Sofia, Bulgaria Tel: (359) 887 587 207


    Psychological Astrologer - Diploma in Astrology, APA (UK)

    Jungian Analyst in Training with IAAP

    Facebook page: Astroatelier

    Facebook Profile: Milena Valkanova

    Skype: saraswati_kali

    Areas of work: Jungian psychotherapy Psychological astrology consultations - rectification, birth chart analysis, psychological profile, vocation, forecasting, synastry, horary, election astrology Art therapy, astro art therapy groups Lecturing Writing Consultations: face to face, Skype, phone, taped readings


  • Many Astrologers specialise in a specific branch of astrology, so it may be necessary to contact more than one in order to discuss what you are looking for and to enquire as to individual fee structures. Email addresses are given first and the web sites next in italics.

    Some astrologers will do work on Medical astrology, but only after you have first consulted your doctor.

    Within the various categories you will find different approaches. For instance, some astrologers will have a practical, down-to-earth approach, no matter what the subject, whilst others will take a more pyschological stance. Which doesn't mean to say that the down-to-earth approach will be, in the long run, any the less psychological, or vice-versa.