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  • International

  • Many Astrologers specialise in a specific branch of astrology, so it may be necessary to contact more than one in order to discuss what you are looking for and to enquire as to individual fee structures.

    Some astrologers will do work on Medical astrology, but only after you have first consulted your doctor.

  • Asia

  • Rod Chang


    Co-founder of the Academy of Astrology - based in London

    Services in English and Mandarin 

    Areas of work:

    Mundane astrology, relocation and Astro Mapping. Psychological Astrology. Consultations and Teaching.

  • Jupiter Lai


    Jupiter Lai (BBA, MA)
    STA.Dip.H , Dip.A.Astrol, MAPAI
    Hong Kong
    Jupiter is a practising astrologer, tutor and writer based in Hong Kong. She co-founded the Academy of Astrology (AOA) with Rod Chang in 2008, and also a faculty member of the School of Traditional Astrology (STA). 
    Areas of Work : Natal chart analysis, forecasting, horary astrology, electional astrology, medical astrology, business astrology, financial astrology. Using both modern psychological astrology and traditional astrology techniques.  Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. Tarot. 
  • Yvonne Chang


    +886 929868895

    Dip. A. Astrol. 


    Areas of work:

    Astrology consultation, Parent-child relationship, Natal chart analysis, Synastry, Forecast, Astrology lecture

    Astrology blogger, Juvenile Correctional Institute volunteers

  • Amanda Chao


    +886 0958602490

    Dip. A. Astrol.


    Services in English and Mandarin

    Areas of work:

    Personal exploration and development,Relationship, Prediction , Teaching

  • Yuki Chen


    +861 3662619161

    Dip. A. Astrol.

    Shenzhen, China

    Service in Mandarin and English

  • Cici Fu


    +886 932006016

    Dip. A. Astrol.


    Areas of work : Natal Chart, Relationships Chart, Business Astrology, Financial Astrology, Chinese Astrology.

  • Josephine Lo


    +852 93220541

    Dip. A. Astrol.

    Hong Kong

    Services in English and Mandarin 

    Areas of work:

    Personal chart, Forecast, Relationship, Teaching, Astrology and Art

  • Maxine Wan BSc Hons

    Email: maxinewan34@gmail.com

    Blog: www.cosmicpotential.blogspot.com

    D.F.Astrol.S, MAPAI

    Hong Kong

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, character analysis, children's charts, teaching, vocational, ongoing work/counselling, psychological.

    Consultations by Skype available

  • Celine Wang


    +886 922863614

    Dip. A. Astrol.


    Services in English and Mandarin

    Areas of work:

    Basic understanding of Natal chart, Self-development, Life purpose and potential, relationship, and predicting, Teaching.

  • Jesse Xu


    +861 8616504126

    Dip. A. Astrol.

    Shanghai, China

    Service in Mandarin 

    Areas of work: natal chart interpretation and prediction, teaching

  • Australia

  • Mina Manning


    +61 432 150 653

    Dip. Astrology (F.A.A.)

     Mina has a large appetite for learning, and in true Virgoan style she’s motivated to share the knowledge she cultivates practically with others. In so doing, Mina offers in-depth astrological readings, to support people in living their chart more fully and aligning with its potentials. Mina is also a trained counsellor and appreciates the spirit of collaboration, which she brings to her practise, as well as a confidential setting. 

     Areas of work include: Natal, Forecasting, Synastry, Vocation, Children’s horoscopes.

     Currently studying: Diploma of Medieval Astrology 


  • Canada

  • Mark Douglas



    Mark Douglas Dip. APA (UK), MAPAI, BEd, Human Development
    Astrological Consultant, Psychosynthesis Coaching, Spiritual Growth, Written/Video Interpretations, Astrology Workshops, Private Tutoring

  • Mj Patterson



    CA NCGR-PAA (Level 4), Research Chair, NCGR, Founding Director, APAA

    Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

    Areas of work: Rectification, Teaching (Using Zoom and Moodle at HalifaxAstrology.com) , Examination Preparation, Baby charts, Horary and Electional, Available for Lectures, Services in French, Spanish and English.

  • Finland

  • Anne Sundell



    Dip. MISPA

    Vasa, Finland

    I am a international nurse, BN (Honors) with experience of working abroad (Africa). I have a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology and hold a diploma from the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA).

    I specialize in Leadership Management.

    I'm also a member of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) via satellite - representing  Finland.

    I'm also a published author and have been working at the Finnish astrological newspaper.

    My readings are done on Skype, audiotaped, and in person.

    My fields are Psychological and Developmental Astrology, Karmic Astrology, and Traditional Astrology. Lecturing and Publishing. 




  • Greece

  • Petros Eleftheriadis



    Areas of work: Horary chart judgements, electional astrology, natal chart analysis with an emphasis on prediction.

    Services in Greek, English, French and Italian.

    Head Tutor at the Qualifying Horary Practitioner school of astrology (http://qhpastrology.co.uk/), offering courses on horary astrology and Nativities. Author of the "Horary Astrology, the Practical Way to Learn your Fate" book

  • Anastasia-Tassoula Fragkia


    +0030 6974411969

    • Astrologer: Mayo School Diploma
    • Yoga Teacher: RYS200
    • Reiki: 3rd Degree
    • Mental Health Consultant, Diploma
    • Systemic Couple and Family Dynamics Therapist, Certification
    • Environmental Engineering, Bachelor and Masters


    After years of studying and after my second Master in Agriculture Science and Environmental Engineering I decided to have a deeper look inside myself. Astrology was a primary and dominant key to understand, accept, defense and love my true self. The side effect was to understand, accept and love others also. This leaded to live a more fulfilled and balanced life, also managing to establish more healthy relationships. That is why I feel Astrology as a gift to humanity that I want to share with everyone is interested, or in need.

    Working Areas: Natal Chart Interpretation, Emphasizing to Spot and Heal the Inner Trauma

                                    Couple Therapy through Synastry Analysis

                                    Predictive Astrology, mainly as a key to self-development

                                    Children’s Charts, Potentials and Talents



  • Anthoula Lioni

    e-mail: a.lioni@yahoo.com

    DMS Astrol (Distinction)

    Areas of work: In-depth Psychological/Natal, Relationships (Synastry), Predictive, In-person/Telephone Consultations, Media work.

  • India

  • Reshma Mudirakkal



    Bangalore (India) based - Language English

     Background : BA (Eng Lit), Marketing & Sales PG with experience in Customer Service for multinationals (5 years). Since 2004 journey into the depths of the Psyche/Soma & relational field, making the unconscious conscious through psychological astrology (CPA + MISPA), Jungian studies, hypnotherapy & bodywork. Certified teacher & practitoner of Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosophy.

    Consultation & Teaching online through Zoom to a global clientele

    Areas of Work/Specialization :

    • In depth & Psychologically oriented Personal Consultations
    • Jungian centred therapeutic explorations with a long term focus of creating consciousness around self and relationships.
    • Parent-Child Dynamics
    • Mentoring Astrology Students with a focus on symbolic framework ref to therapeutics and relational field.

    Instagram : jungian.astrologer

    FB : consultwithreshma

    Reshma Mudirakkal | Jungian Astrologer - Exploring Psyche's mysteries & depths



  • Shivali Saxena


    DMS Astrol.


    Areas of Work:  Personal relationship, Character analysis, Forecasting, Electional, Vocational.



  • Ireland

  • Margaret Gray



    Dip. Psych. Astrol., MAPAI,  DUBLIN

  • Carol Maxine Statham


    00353 65 7082073

    Carol Maxine Statham

    BA {Hons} DMS Astrol, MAPAI

    County Clare, Republic of Ireland

    The first half of my life was governed by conformity which included a career of 22 years working as a Technical Tracer/illustrator for the British aviation and defence industry. But following several traumatic events in 1992 including the sudden death of my young brother, and a near-death-experience in a car crash, my lifelong psychic/telepathic faculty became more pronounced. Only later, was I was informed, that two great aunts had been Spiritual mediums and that I had inherited their gift. Slowly, over the intervening years I have rebuilt another life which has been a journey of self-assessment and discovery. I began by studying the Humanities with the Open University where I gained a BA honours. This was followed by studying the theories and philosophies of aromatherapy, reflexology and Spiritual mediumship/healing. I am now a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union. But what has really been revealing for me has been the study of Astrology. For Astrology has highlighted all that has happened to me, all my potentials, all my weaknesses, my creative/Spiritual attributes, including the catalyst that was to take place during my middle years. It was like having a window thrown open onto the real me. So, for me, Astrology is hugely Spiritual, it is the coded language of the universe, it informs us of our challenges between the Ego and the Spirit of which we all have. And so, by analysing a client’s natal chart, I can draw on for my psychic/mediumship insights to help sort out all those contradictions within the human persona, pinpointing the weaknesses, our karmic lessons, but more importantly highlighting the potential in all areas of life. If you would like a window thrown open on your life, please email for more information.

  • Italy

  • Francesca Furino


    +39 345 8700266

    Dip. MISPA, MAPAI, ISAR Memb.

    ISAR Astrological Ethics Awareness & Consulting Skills Certificates holder

    Services in English, Spanish & Italian via zoom/in-person - Rome, Italy 

    Areas of work: Psychological Astrology, Spiritual Astrology, Psychosynthesis coaching/counselling, spiritual growth & development, private tutoring, teaching. 

  • Lynn Holt


    Lynn Holt, BSc (hons), DM Astrol (with merit) and holder of John Frawley’s
    Horary Craftsman diploma as well as being a member of the Association of
    Professional Astrologers International (MAPAI) and Organisation of
    Professional Astrologers (OPA).

    Although English born, Lynn has resided in
    Italy for most of her adult life. She writes a successful blog with an
    international following as well as doing consulting both in natal Western
    astrology and horary.

    Contact: myskypieastrology@gmail.com, website https://my-sky-pie.com  or my
    Facebook page My Sky Pie

  • Barbara Lucchini



    Dip. MISPA


    Areas of work: Psychological astrology. Consultations and Teaching.

    Languages: Italian and English.

    Consultations available by Skype.

  • Maria Mazzi


    0039 340 3002154

    D.Psych. Astrol, MAPAI,
    Bologna, Italy.

    Psychological Astrology. Consultations and Teaching.



  • Japan

  • Hiroko Oshida



    Yokohama, Japan

    Areas of work: Character analysis, Personal relationships, Forecasting, Personal development, Psychological, Teaching, Media work, Written work

    Service in Japanese and English

  • The Netherlands

  • W H Mansell - van Eeghen

    Skype address: mansellclingendael

    Mobile: +31 6 4269 6667


    Ruychrocklaan 230, 2597ED The Hague, Netherlands


  • New Zealand

  • Jill Griggs



    CPA, MAPAI. Wellington, NZ

  • Page Amber O'Reilly


    New Zealand

    D.M. Astrol (Distinction), MAPAI

    Specialising in spiritual astrology incorporating the philosophy of metaphysics to seek understanding of the direction of the soul.


  • Norway

  • Hulda Lorentsen


    Tel: +47 32713391 Mob: +47 90873413


    Tislebakk 7, 3350 Prestfoss, Norway
    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Forecasting, Vocational, Esoteric, Written Work

  • Laila Wold


    Dip.White Eagle School of Astrology (WESA), MAPAI

    Areas of work and interest: Character analysis, future trends, astrology from a spiritual perspective.

    The Lunation Cycle is a special area of interest and so is Chiron, the Wounded Healer.  I am also a certified EFT-therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique) from EFT Norge (EFT Norway).

    Having made a complete recovery from many years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease thanks to a wonderful herb, teasel, it was a revelation as an astrologer to discover that my illness had been caused by a bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, which has a lunar cycle. I run a Norwegian-English website with information on Lyme Disease and herbal remedies which also includes some information on Lyme and lunar phases, https://www.flaatthjelp.net. I am not a medical astrologer, but I find that astrology and EFT can be useful tools in understanding and dealing with some of the underlying emotional patterns that can have an effect on our health.

    Consultations available by Skype

    Languages: Norwegian and English


  • South Africa

  • Switzerland

  • Jeannette Regan


    Tel: + 41 24 430 14 35

    Dr. ès Psychologie, D.F.Astrol.S. (1984), FAPAI, Impasse du Siau 5, 1462 Yvonand, Switzerland

    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Ongoing work/Counselling, Teaching.

    Speciality: work taken in English, French, and German

  • Turkey

  • Gaye Alkan



    Dip. ASA, MAPAI

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Born in 1986. Graduated from Yeditepe University Radio Tv Cinema Department (2008), Istanbul University Literature Faculty Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy Department (2013). Having a Master Programme in Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy Department at the moment.

    Became a certificated Usui Reiki Master in 2009. In 2015 She had the two educations of Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Practitioner and became a licensed therapist on international database of Theta Healing therapists. You can find her name listed on www.thetahealing.com by Vianna Stibal.

    In 2013, she attended Astroloji Okulu by Öner Döşer. She had basic and advanced courses which last two years. She also had specialty courses such as Electional Astrology for timing questions and Horary Astrology for any kind of questions. Her work area is mainly, medieval astrology, natal charts, electional and horary, synastry and composites.

    Her point of view is using all the useful techniques to guide a person.


  • Karcicegi Aykurt



    Karcicegi Zeynep Aykurt 
    Dip. ASA , MAPAI , OPA 
    Anatolika Astrology ,
    Anatolika Institution of Arts and Humanities,    Istanbul  Turkey 
    Area of Astrological Work : 
    Natal Chart,  Ancient Predictive Techniques, Traditional Astrology,  Horary Astrology,  Rectification, Relationships Astrology -with Synastry and Composite charts-,  Career and Educational Guidance, Astrocartography and Relocational Astrology,  Steliums, Karmic-Spiritual Astrology and 12th House Astrology, Astrological Guidance especially for Creators and Performing Artists ...
    Biography : 

    Graduated from Bosphorus University (Boğaziçi University),  Faculty of Education, Foreign Language Education Department and Istanbul University State Conservatory Performing Arts, Classical Ballet & Dance Department ,  Ms. Karcicegi Zeynep Aykurt (Flower) , has been an educator for 24 years,  also being a former ballerina, working as an Instructor in the field of Performing Arts and Dance since 1995. She gained her degree of M.B.A , specifically concentrated on Arts Management and Performing Arts Management. She worked for her doctoral degree in Performing Arts and Dance History, Anthropology of Dance, Movement Study & Analysis, Dance Therapy and Therapeutic Techniques. She also made a lot of research on Spiritualism & Orientalism,  writing articles in the field and searching their connection with creativity and dance.  

    She had trainings in Usui Reiki Healing since 2000 and became a "Certified Usui Reiki Master Healer" in 2005 working with several masters.  Also worked  on "Emotional Freedom Technique" and became a certified EFT Healer in 2003. She is also a Certified "Feng-Shui" Master. Received Certifications as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor as well.  Her other practices and trainings are on the philosophy of I-ching and tarot,  she also practiced pilates, alexander technique, tai-chi, qi-gong,  poi, crystal therapy,  flower essence healing and Sound & Music Therapy. 

    As well as being a Poet, "Flower",  is also a composer and Song-Writer, singing her own songs and playing the classical piano...

    Ms. Aykurt represented her country at International University Winter Olympic Games, as a National Ski Athlete, in Alpine Skiing in Giant Slalom and in Super G.  In Turkey, she won multiple Gold Medals as a Ski Racer. 

    She both lived in her native land Turkey and in United States,  with her family and for academic research,  in 9 different states, including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Austin, and San Antionio Texas, Panama City Florida and Atlanta Georgia. 

    Karcicegi  Aykurt, is also an Officially Licensed Professional Tour Guide by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Turkey. She also had the privilege of being chosen,   as a VIP and Private Guests Guide,  having the honour to guide for many World Leaders, State Officials, Royalties,  Artists and Politicians hosting them in her country . 

    From childhood on, in her native land Turkey, playing among the Historical Ruins of thousands of years and in the fields of Antiquities, her imagination rose high .. and she observed stars at nights sitting and dreaming in the historical amphitheaters...  dancing and singing on the stages there,  to her audience of stars and the sky ... She had a natural-born interest in Astrology. From very early ages on, she had the chance to receive professional astrological guidance & consultation from respected master astrologers and  observed them,  learning from them. She read a lot of books and sources in Astrology.   Finally,  having 3 years of Astrological Education with her Master Teacher  Mr. Öner Döşer,  she received her certifications and got her Graduation Diploma of Astrology,  from " AstroArt School of Astrology " (Dip. ASA)  in Istanbul, Turkey. 

    Karcicegi Aykurt , as a professional educator, dancer, artist, healer, guide, academician, dance historian and researcher established "Anatolika Institution of Arts & Humanities"  in Istanbul, Turkey.   Later, becoming A Professional Astrologer,  she also founded "Anatolika Astrology"  in August 2019,  as a separate unit within the same organization. 

    Her Area of Interest she likes to make research in Astrology are :  Antiquities and Classical Astrology, Mythology and Astrology, Anatolian Culture and Astrology,  Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian and Turkic Astrology and Specifically making researches of History, also working with Artists about the connections of Creativity,  Art, Performing Arts and Astrology...  She continues to improve herself and keeps learning everyday,  and  working with master astrologers around the world who are experts in their fields, constantly trying to widen her horizons,  as she thinks that learning never finishes in this exciting journey of astrology and in life. 

    As a Professional Astrologer, she provides services working on Natal Chart,  Ancient Predictive techniques,  Traditional Astrology, Horary Astrology,  Rectification, Relationships Astrology -with Synastry and Composite charts-,  Career and Educational Guidance, Astrocartography and Relocational Astrology,  Steliums, Karmic and Spiritual Astrology and 12th House Astrology. 

    Karcicegi Zeynep Aykurt ( Flower ) ,  provides  consultation  especially for performing arts and stage artists, creators, athletes, racers who have big audience; and for business people, politicians, military members , who are also at important key positions,  having the power to influence communities, big masses and high populations in the world,  Especially working with them behind the scenes, Feeling Herself Responsible as an Astrologer for Effecting These People,  for Raising Consciousness and Awareness, to Maintain Peace, Empathy, Kindness and Understanding in the world among different Cultures,  and  also to bring in love, light, justice, support and aid for Humanity... Also to Protect the rights of All Human Beings, Women, Children, Animals, the natural habitat of our world, raising environmental awareness,  doing philanthropic work for our One Globe that we all live on, as Our Home...  Building connections, bridges of Hearts & Souls,  as One Humanity ... Feeling Responsible as an astrologer with the mission of bringing in LOVE & PEACE for Our Planet Earth... 

    Flower ,  also as a dancer choreographed  two dance pieces dedicated to her love of Astrology,  which she calls as "My Astro-Dance Works" ... called  "Zodiac Dance of Sky",  which she dedicated to each unique 12 different signs of zodiac and the second piece called  "Peace Under the Stars".  She also organizes her own "Flower's Astro-Dance Workshops" in Turkey,  at historical open air venues and in natural places in Turkey,  at certain important astrological dates...  like her New Moon, Full Moon Dance Workshops and Rituals... Dance Therapy for Eclipses and Also Her Own "Energy Love Dance Workshop",  .. melting all her knowledge, education, experience in dance, spiritualism , astrology and also as a professional guide altogether in one pot for all the people and audience interested...  

  • Nagihan Barbaros


    0090 532 420 85 92

    DİP. ASA

    She holds Business Administration, a Master of Marketing. She has worked as Sales Manager for many years . She started Astrology in 2014 with Karma Astrology. In 2016, she became a student of ASA, Öner DÖŞER . Following 3 years of education , she received her diploma. In 2016, she became a Usui Reiki Master. In 2017 Theta Healing Basic and Advanced Practitioner. Since 2018, she has been working on Family Configuration.

    As of May 2019, she has been writing Astrology Articles in Spiritual Magazine

    ‘ Varoluş Magazine ’.

    Field of Study : Natal Charts , Synastry and Composites ,Career, Childrens Charts , Psychological and Developmental Astrology

  • Burcu Cakir



    Diploma of ASA , AstroArt Astrology School .

    Specialized in Traditional Astrology , Horary and Electional

    Currently working at AstroArt Astrology School with Oner Doser , and gives lectures and workshops

    Areas of work: Natal Chart Analysis and Predictions , Horary and Electional Astrology.

    Services in English and Turkish

    Also a member of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) 


  • Elif Cinan


    532 227 15 53

    Dip ASA Astroloji Okulu - Istanbul

    The main goal of my life is exploring life, the planet which we live on, the relationship between the planets, and the universe. Parallel with my interest in positive sciences, mathematics, and numbers, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Statistics.

    As an analytical thinker, I have been interested in Astrology for years, and have focused on professional education and experience since 2014. Besides, I completed my advanced level of astrology education at AstroArt School of Astrology. Also, I have also taken Horary Astrology Classes. The purpose of my astrology consultation is providing sophisticated analyses according to my clients' needs and expectations.

  • Didem Demirel



  • Oner Doser


    Office: 0090 216 386 73 97 Gsm: 0090 541 284 89 79

    AstroArt Astrology Consultant Ltd., Caddebostan, Istanbul, Turkey

    Consultant astrologer, astrology teacher and writer. He earned his AMA degree from Robert Zoller. Founder of AstroArt School of Astrology in Istanbul, founder of astrology television on the internet, organizer of the popular International Astrology Days in Istanbul, has 20 books published including 3 in English, giving lectures and seminars all around the world.

    Areas of work: Delineation and prediction with Medieval astrology techniques, marriage, health, career, vocation, finance, rectification.

  • Dilara Basar Efeoglu


    0535 2792498

    She has studied in the fields of Philosophy, Esotericism, Spiritualism and Astrology. In addition to her individual studies since 2013, she started astrology at AstroArt Astrology School and completed with AstroArt School of Astrology (ASA) diploma in 2017.

    Dilâra Efeoğlu, who is the assistant of the founder of AstroArt Astrology School Öner Döşer, attends all classes with him and works as a teacher in Astrology School. Her main focus is Traditional Astrology methods and she gives professional advice on birth chart reading, electional astrology (choosing the right time), synastry (astrology of relationships). She currently works on Angles , Angle patterns and Harmonics in Astrology as well as Rectification ( Detection of Birthtime )


  • Yesim Genc


    +971 502531319

    Hello ,
    This is Yeşim Genç , I was born in Trabzon that city of Turkey. I gratuated kocaeli university ,Labor economics and ındustrıal relatıons. I have been living in Dubai for two years. Due to ınterest in human psychology and detaıls  ,  I decided to take online educatıons from Öner Döşer's Astroart School. After three years of astrology educatıon , I deepened in astrology wıth various astrology seminars and books and make this hobby a profession. I also have an astrology book that will be publıshed in the near future which we  prepare  together with a colleague.
    For now , this is my short story.
    Best regards.
  • Filiz Gumec



    Istanbul, Turkey

    Dip. ASA Astroloji Okulu

  • Mihrap Ilhan


    Areas of Work : Classical Astrology, Horary Astrology, Electional Astrology, Personal relationships, Rectification, Karma student (oguzhan ceyhan).

    Author of ´´bugün seni neler bekliyor ?´´ (´´What do you expect from stars today ? ´´ ) This is a book about celestial diary of 2019.

  • Isin Kemanci Isiklar



    DMS Astrol (Merit), MAPAI

    Izmir, Turkey

    Işın Kemancı Işıklar is a Turkish astrologer, painter and Theta Healing Therapist. She started to study astrology with Barıs Ilhan, Ilhan Astrology Institute in 2010, further studied with Alice Ekrek and Graham Ibell in Mayo School Astrology. She has got NGCR- 1 (National Council for Geocosmic Research certificate-Level 1). She graduated from Mayo School of Astrology and she has been awarded a diploma in astrology with merit in July 2017. Her areas of work are character anaylsis, personal relationships and career. She makes presentation in companies regarding Astrology. She has prepared and vocalized Astrology articles for the magazine which is prepared for The Blind People Library which is established in 2004 in Turkey since 2015.

  • Ulgen Karaarslan


    0090 312 436 75 57

    Personal Birth Chart Consultations

    Astrology Diploma Courses   (A Synthesis of Classical and  Modern Astrology, 2 years)


    Venus Sirius Astrology School and Studio

    Uğur Mumcu cad. 29/3

    GOP Ankara/TURKEY

    Land Line:

    0090312 4367457

  • Isik Canan Kaya


    0090 530 3003490

    I am interested in both traditional astrology and astropsychology. Also I am a theologian and have been working as a Sufi healer, Access Bars BF & EFT practitioner. I have a diploma from ASA and successfully completed Astrological Ethics Awareness & Astrological Consulting Skills Courses from ISAR. I am a member of NCGR and OPA.


    Areas of Work: Natal Chart Analysis,

    Character Analysis,

    Personal Exploration,

    Prediction with Medieval Astrology Techniques,

    Astrological Forecasting as a key to self-development,

    Relationship Consulting,


    Parent-child Relationship Consulting

    Işık Canan Kaya
  • Hande Kazanova



    Hello, I am Hande Kazanova…

    I have graduated Istanbul University Department of Economics. I started studying astrology in The School of Wisdom of Sky ( Hakan Kırkoğlu) between 2001 and 2004. Then, I completed my education on advanced level Traditional Astrology in the Astro Art School of Astrology and received my diploma. In 2017 I have been successful in the exam carried by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and received my title ISAR CAP. I am also a member of OPA. I also studied and get my diploma in Vedic Astrology, studied Hermetic Astrology. But I am deeply interested in Financial and Business astrology.

    I have  been writing the astrology column of a Turkish newspaper Haberturk and also its online version Haberturk.com since March 2009. My TV program on Bloomberg channel, where I made weekly forecasts on financial astrology between the years 2011-2014, created a tremendous impact. İn 2019 I am hosting a tv program named Hande Kazanova İle Akşam Sohbetleri on economy channel EKOTÜRK TV. I also teaches astrology in AstroArt School of Astrology, ASA.  

    I have a website at www.handekazanova.com. I am a heavy user of social sites. I have both account at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I have also YouTube channel called “Hande Kazanova ile Astroloji” (Astrology with Hande Kazanova) I’m very active in my website and social media. I wrote weekly, monthly astrological forecasts and planetary interactions regularly and post most of them to social media. I’m also shooting videos for my YouTube channel. I have also contract with internet TV called “Cevapla TV”. I have an office located in İstanbul to host my clients. I attend Astrological Workshops for Corporate companies.

    In 2018 I attended  2 nd İnternational Astrology Conference which was held in Portugal, Lisbon. My presentation was about 2019-2020 Cancer- Capricorn eclipses and huge Financial changes.

    Here is my story in astrology…

    Thank you..

  • Azade Oksoy


    Dip ASA

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Areas of work : Describing and predicting with classical and Uranian astrology, marriage, relationships, finance, vocation, health , rectification, electional, locational and mundane astrology.

  • Serhat Ozer


    0553 487 5392

  • Aylin Bekem Yapici



    Dip. ASA, MAPAI

    Izmir, Turkey

    Consultant astrologer

    Areas of work: 

    Horary...(interpretation of specific questions)

    Electional..(selecting the best day and time for events..marriage, document signing)

    Character analysis, children's charts, forecasting, personal relationships, marriage, health, career, vocation, finance, prediction with mediaeval techniques, astro-psychology.

    Consultations by Skype available

  • Funda Yildirim



    Istanbul, Turkey

    Dip. ASA Astroloji Okulu


  • Tugce Yildiz


    0553 4861166


    • I hold the Horary Practitioner Certificate from the AstroArt School of Astrology. I frequently use horary method in my consultancy.
    • I graduated in Political Science at Bilkent University, and have MA in Contemporary History. I am studying politics and mundane astrology so that I can develop and contribute to my working field.
    • In addition to working astrology, i am also a certified Past Life Regression Therapy and Spiritual Life Coach. I enjoy working with spiritual disciplines that they provide people awareness about working the north node in their natal chart.

    Tugce Yildiz


    Mobile Phone: 05534861166


  • Zerrin Zindancioglu


    (90) 532 4434265

    Dipl. ASA, MAPAI. 

    Beşiktaş, İstanbul / Turkey 

    Astrology Teacher for Basic & Intermediate Classes in AstroArt School of Astrology / Istanbul,

    Consultant Astrologer, Reiki Master, Uranian /Spritual / Karma Astrology by Asteroids, Rectification, Marriage, Career, Vocation, Finance.

  • USA

  • Margaret Gray



    Dip. Psych. Astrol., MAPAI,


  • Richard Smoot


    734 320 2783

    CA,  NCGR

  • Eva Vibert


    Tel:(202) 785 0883

    D.Psych.Astrol., MAPAI

    1014 22nd Street, N.W.Washington D.C. 20037
    Areas of work: Personal relationships, Character analysis, Children's charts, Forecasting, Ongoing work/Counselling, Psychological