• The Association of Professional Astrologers International

  • Types of Astrology

  • As well as the 'psychological' approach commonly used in the interpretation of natal charts, relationship charts etc., some astrologers employ specialized techniques to focus on particular needs or enquiries. Some of these techniques relate to particular traditions or cultures.

    The following expands on some of the terms used.

    • Electional: Selecting the best time and day for events - marriage, inaugurations, document signing
    • Horary: The answering of specific questions.
    • Vocational: Relating to Career.
    • Esoteric: Dealing with spiritual matters - also known as trans-personal.
    • Mundane: Relating to world affairs.
    • Vedic: Also known as Jyotish, Indian or Hindu Astrology
    • Medical: The application of Astrology to health and disease (NB: If you have concerns about your health it is important to consult your doctor)


    Astrological Qualifications

    Abbreviations of astrological qualifications used in the Consultants list.

    AGEIntDip Astrological Guild of Educators
    DipAPI.DipAPI(UK) Astrological Psychology Institute
    DipAppAstrol AstroSynthesis
    DipPsychAstrol Centre for Psychological Astrology
    Dip.astrol.c astrologycollege.com
    EHSDipAst English Huber School - now API(UK)
    DFAstrolS Faculty of Astrological Studies
    RCAstrol Faculty of Astrological Studies (Astrological Counselling)
    DipFAA Federation of Australian Astrologers
    DMSAstrol Mayo School of Astrology
    CA NCGR National Council of GeoCosmic Research
    QHP Qualifying Horary Diploma Course
    DipWESA White Eagle School of Astrology
    MAPAI Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International
    FAPAI Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers International
    FFAstrolS Fellow of the Faculty of Astrological Studies
    STA DipH STA - School of Traditional Horary Astrology
    DTA Sue Ward's Traditional Horary Course
    ASA Diploma ASA-AstroArt School of Astrology