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    Advance notice of next Open Day & AGM: 13th April 2019


             Venue: White Eagle Lodge, Newlands, Liss in Hampshire                

    Morning Talk

    Marilena Marino - Promoting Your Business via Social Media - A Crash Course

    If you missed Marilena's fascinating talk at the 2018 AA Conference - this is a 2nd chance to get up to speed with modern methods of online advertizing.

    Afternoon Talk

    Simon Bentley - The Stars of the Current World Crises 

    The old Chinese curse ‘May you live in interesting times!’ has never been so applicable as it is to the present times. Wherever we look, there seems to be suffering, chaos, muddle, argument – and with all of them, an extraordinary reluctance to face the truth. In this talk we’ll look at some of the most important charts that are relevant and see how they can help us to understand what is really going on!

    Simon is the Principal of the White Eagle School of Astrology




    Watch Sharon Knight's interview with Oner Doser - principal of the AstroArt Astrology School in Turkey: