• The Association of Professional Astrologers International

  • Aims and Objectives

  • To represent the interests of professional astrologers to both the public and the media.

    To support members in situations where a member may be experiencing difficulty, hostility or legal pressure from either the public or the media.

    To offer Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance to members at competitive rates, unlikely to be achieved by individual insurance policies.

    To produce a Consultants List and to advertise widely in order to promote the services of its members and encourage the professional employment of its members.

    To produce a regular Newsletter for its members, enabling them to keep in touch and network with one another.

    To protect the public from professional astrological malpractice and offer the public a safe, fair and reliable service.

    To protect the good name and image of professional astrology in the media and to the public.

    To offer the media the opportunity to contact experienced, qualified astrologers when astrological coverage of an event or any other matter is required.