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The Association of Professional Astrologers International

We, the Association of Professional Astrologers, are a group of highly trained practitioners whose aim is to uphold the best standards of quality and service.



Established in 1990, the Association of Professional Astrologers International is the professional body for astrologers in the UK and abroad. To qualify for APAI membership, astrologers are required to study for and obtain a diploma from a recognised college  and to abide by the APAI's code of ethics. When you seek advice from our members, you can be confident they are experienced in their specialities, they will handle your enquiries in a professional and ethical manner, and they will work to the best of their knowledge and abilities in the preparation and delivery of the services to be provided.

* Currently there are a number of 'astrologers' advertising on the internet falsely claiming to be Members of the APAI. The APAI Council takes such misrepresentation very seriously and is in the process of liaising with accredited schools of astrology in the investigation of these cases. If you come across any examples of astrologers whom you suspect of falsely claiming to be diploma holders and/or APAI Members - please report the details to a member of the APAI Council *


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