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  • Associate Members

  • Associate Members of the APAI do not have a diploma in Astrology (either from one of our recognized schools or at all) but they are deemed by the APAI Council to have demonstrated a high level of proficiency and professionalism in Astrology through public recognition (e.g. for relevant media or published work) or have made some other positive contribution to Astrology. The APAI deems that the proven work and ethics of Associate Members qualify them for listing on our site. But it remains the policy of the APAI to encourage all astrological practitioners to obtain a diploma in Astrology from a recognized school.

  • Associate Members

    Mr Roy Gillett  B.Ed (Hons) London - President of the Astrological Association (CIO) Regd. Charity 1152804



  • Judith Beckman - Retired Member

  • Marilena Marino      hello@sparkastrology.com

  • Zeynep Ozlem Yalcin          zeynepozlemyalcin@gmail.com

  • Certified Members of the OPA are also eligible for Associate Membership. See: www.opaastrology.org